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Samthrupthi Pure Coconut Oil, Branding.

Logo Design & Product Design.

Sunil Kuttan, Creative Partner / Designhub

Samthrupthi Pure Coconut Oil is a product of the prestigious AMS Group. The product is now one of the most popular and trusted. The product appeals to people because of its multilevel quality keeping the customers healthy and happy. The uniqueness of Samthrupthi Pure Coconut Oil is evident even in its packaging and advertising. From the naming to the designing of the entire range of products was undertaken and successfully completed by Design hub.

The name Samthrupthi is taken from the language of Kerala, Malayalam. It means satisfaction and signifies the feelings of its consumers. This simple word is common yet eye- catching and can easily be remembered by the consumers.

Design hub has created the brand label of Samthrupthi Pure Coconut Oil in the shape of an inverted drop reminding us of drops of the oil. The entire label is coloured with the green of the nature and the yellow background is like the golden colour of pure coconut oil. The logo with a drawn, all green and healthy looking coconut tree and the catch phrase “Made from the best Kerala Coconut”, connects the consumer to the land of coconut, God’s own Kerala. The slogan written in Malayalam, “Ente Nadinte Ruchi”, meaning “The taste of my land” draws the attention of Malayali consumers, especially the ones away from their homeland.

Samthrupthi Pure Coconut Oil is presented to the consumers in 12 types of packaging. has made each package special in its own way, be it the 500 ml pouch or the 15 ltr can. The most attractive among them is perhaps the 2.5 ltr can with the heart design. The heart symbolizes many things including the health to the happiness and satisfaction of the consumer. There is no need to secretly stow away this can as its attractive designing will add to the beauty of any kitchen. The front part of the packages contains all essential details which are arranged in a systematic order. In the same way the back of the package is well designed and the contents are clear and easily accessible. The name of the product is printed in different languages, making it accessible to consumers from a

variety of language backgrounds. There is an introduction to the product which gives an in depth look into the processes it undergoes.

All these factors come together and present the superior quality of Samthrupthi Pure Coconut Oil before the consumers. The meticulous designing by ensures that the consumer makes Sampthrupthi their choice right from the moment they lay their eyes on the posters.

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